What's the
Severed Hand Club?

An exclusive website–– I share old stories, unreleased poems, playlists, photos, and more. It uses the same template as this site, so you'll instantly know your way around. Like a place you visited in a dream. But the colors are inverted, and the content is new. Plus there's a secret knock (cough, password) to get inside.

Why's it called the
Severed Hand Club?

The Samuel Stenard Fan Club just sounds abhorrent to me. But The Severed Hand Club sounds like a thieves' guild from the Dark Ages. Or a blacklisted sorority that operates in the catacombs under an Ivy League. Or an organization of surgeons who smoke cigarettes and meet at night. Thing's I'd like to be a part of.

How can I join the
Severed Hand Club?

Just head over to my Patreon page. There you can donate five dollars and get a full month's access. Most forms of payment are accepted: credit cards, jade statuettes, coins from sunken ships, ivory piano keys, even your grandmother's jewelry.


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